The goal of my project is to improve the living documentation of the OpenMRS REST API through improvements to how its Swagger Specification is generated. All my code goes in module. Commits Made to the Module   My GSoC Issues for the Summer RESTWS-560 – Create API Overview […]

GSoC 2017 – Improved REST API Documentation Project

Life and Purpose
If everything is simply happening, then can there be any ultimate purpose to it all, or is life just an accident? Can it be said that life is evolving towards some ultimate goal? It is very difficult, particularly for the Western mind, to understand that life is purposeless. And it […]

Life is purposeless. And it is beautiful that it is ...

Screencast editing software - Lightworks
Being accepted for GSOC 2017, we were asked by OpenMRS; my mentoring organization to submit a small screencast demonstrating our final work carried out during the summer. Not knowing the right tools nor having any prior experience, trying to make a video with my voice over the background was quite […]

Doing a Screencast on Debian

Today I thought of giving a brief overview on some of my issues and how I’ve been tackling them. I’ll try describe each issue in simple terms and workarounds we’ve taken to solve them. RESTWS-560 – Create API Overview Docs The issue suggests that we add an overview (ie: description) […]

My GSoC Issues for the Summer

Here ends the second evaluation. I’m pleased to announce that I passed! The positive feedback received from Shreyans, my mentor, as always is very encouraging. To sum up my work for the week: Start working on RESTWS-560 – Create API Overview Docs Ready for Work Open Issue: LUI-126 Avoid universal […]

GSoC with OpenMRS – 2nd Evaluation Update

The second phase of Google summer of code evaluation is here!. The submission deadline due this coming Friday. So I have about two more issues to go. RESTWS-560 – Create API Overview Docs RESTWS-568 – Optimize Swagger Spec Creation I and my mentor have a discussion and it was decided […]

GSoC with OpenMRS – Week #8

We are getting closer to the end of the second work period. I think it’s time to give an update on my overall progress of the project. These are the list of issues that is being assigned to me, and I’m responsible for getting them done. Objectives Improve documentation RESTWS-560 […]

GSoC Progress Update

Dual Boot Install Windows after Linux 32
As you know, the most common, and probably the most recommended way of dual booting Ubuntu and Windows is to install Windows first and then Ubuntu. But what if you want to install Windows second? … on a computer with Ubuntu/Linux already installed. This guide assumes that you have Ubuntu […]

Install Windows after Ubuntu

This guide focuses on creating a Swagger Spec by use of swagger-core which is one of the popular Java libraries for consuming and generating swagger specifications. However the typical means for generating the spec is by use of annotations. But the focus here is to create a spec directly by […]

Generating a Swagger Spec

OpenMRS REST Swagger Doc
This guide is for my own reference and for those who unfamilar with OpenMRS Swagger Spac and for he who is a starter yet willing to contribute to the spec. First to see the interactive api in action one could visit either one of the following urls (or […]

OpenMRS – Swagger Spec