The second phase of Google summer of code evaluation is here!. The submission deadline due this coming Friday. So I have about two more issues to go. RESTWS-560 – Create API Overview Docs RESTWS-568 – Optimize Swagger Spec Creation I and my mentor have a discussion and it was decided […]

GSoC with OpenMRS – Week #8

We are getting closer to the end of the second work period. I think it’s time to give an update on my overall progress of the project. These are the list of issues that is being assigned to me, and I’m responsible for getting them done. Objectives Improve documentation RESTWS-560 […]

GSoC Progress Update

Dual Boot Install Windows after Linux 30
As you know, the most common, and probably the most recommended way of dual booting Ubuntu and Windows is to install Windows first and then Ubuntu. But what if you want to install Windows second? … on a computer with Ubuntu/Linux already installed. This guide assumes that you have Ubuntu […]

Install Windows after Ubuntu

This guide focuses on creating a Swagger Spec by use of swagger-core which is one of the popular Java libraries for consuming and generating swagger specifications. However the typical means for generating the spec is by use of annotations. But the focus here is to create a spec directly by […]

Generating a Swagger Spec

OpenMRS REST Swagger Doc
This guide is for my own reference and for those who unfamilar with OpenMRS Swagger Spac and for he who is a starter yet willing to contribute to the spec. First to see the interactive api in action one could visit either one of the following urls (or […]

OpenMRS – Swagger Spec

Here ends the third week. My focus this week is to work on the task RESTWS-562 – To Improve Resource Definition Documentation I’ll try explain RESTWS-562 in brief. Swagger Doc (aka Spec, or just Swagger Json) of OpenMRS is generated programmatically. Typically Swagger Spec of an API is generated just […]

Third Week of Coding – GSoc with OpenMRS

Swagger Specification (aka OpenAPI Specification) is a way of defining and describing an RESTFul APIs. It provides means to compose components of an API, its endpoints, operations on those endpoints, return types of those operations in a plain text format into a single text file which is machine readable and […]

Converting Java Types to Swagger Types

Debug OpenMRS module
Installation Prerequisite JDK, Maven, MySQL In a Ubuntu/Debian system do: apt-get install default-jdk maven2 mariadb In my Debian machine default-jdk is a meta package that points to openjdk-7-jdk. So to install and install JDK 1.8: $ apt-get install -t jessie-backports openjdk-8-jdk Setup To install OpenMRS sdk, run: mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:setup-sdk It’s […]

Getting Started with OpenMRS SDK

CORS guide
One of the objectives of my GSoC project is to provide CORS support for the OpenMRS REST Module. The Jira ticket issued to address this requirement can be found in here: RESTWS-382. But the use case there is not well understood, thus the ticket remains unresolved to this date. Before […]

CORS in Plain English

How to find GPT or MBR
Before proceeding.. Check whether your partition table is GPT or MBR. MBR allows only 4 primary partitions where as GPT disks support up to 128 partitions. UEFI based or BIOS based computer. Check your BIOS, if you have an UEFI based system there must be an option to enable UEFI. […]

Fix Partition Table Issues When Trying To Dual-Boot Windows and ...