Broken Wind: Open Source Flash Game

Open Source Flash Game

Broken Wind

My first project built on Adobe Flash. Even though it’s my first ever project written with little to no programming knowledge, the quality of that AS3 code is not inherently bad. It’s readable and good enough for a beginner to get their first game up and running fast.

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TIP: You don’t need to use high-end IDEs. The free Flex compiler, and framework like Starling and a decent IDE is good enough in most cases.

OSUM – Broadband Usage Meter

Android app designed for checking usage of SLT broadband connections.
Get it on Google Play

Rhythmbox Export Playlist Plugin

Rhythmbox plugin for copying music files of a playlist into a different destination.

cd ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins/
git clone

Restart Rhythmbox and activate the plugin from the plugins menu.