Here ends the third week. My focus this week is to work on the task RESTWS-562 – To Improve Resource Definition Documentation I’ll try explain RESTWS-562 in brief. Swagger Doc (aka Spec, or just Swagger Json) of OpenMRS is generated programmatically. Typically Swagger Spec of an API is generated just […]

Third Week of Coding – GSoc with OpenMRS

Swagger Specification (aka OpenAPI Specification) is a way of defining and describing an RESTFul APIs. It provides means to compose components of an API, its endpoints, operations on those endpoints, return types of those operations in a plain text format into a single text file which is machine readable and […]

Converting Java Types to Swagger Types

Debug OpenMRS module
Installation Prerequisite JDK, Maven, MySQL In a Ubuntu/Debian system do: apt-get install default-jdk maven2 mariadb In my Debian machine default-jdk is a meta package that points to openjdk-7-jdk. So to install JDK 1.8: $ apt-get install -t jessie-backports openjdk-8-jdk Setup To install OpenMRS sdk, run: mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:setup-sdk It’s required that […]

Getting Started with OpenMRS SDK

CORS guide
One of the objectives of my GSoC project is to provide CORS support for the OpenMRS REST Module. The Jira ticket issued to address this requirement can be found in here: RESTWS-382. But the use case there is not well understood, thus the ticket remains unresolved to this date. Before […]

CORS in Plain English

How to find GPT or MBR
Before proceeding.. Check whether your partition table is GPT or MBR. MBR allows only 4 primary partitions where as GPT disks support up to 128 partitions. UEFI based or BIOS based computer. Check your BIOS, if you have an UEFI based system there must be an option to enable UEFI. […]

Fix Partition Table Issues When Trying To Dual-Boot Windows and ...

GSoC with OpenMRS
I was one of the privileged GSoC students to be part of OpenMRS. Instead of going through my own stuff, I’ll try to make this article a little helpful for anyone who wish to participate in coming years. So for people who are keen to contribute to Open Source but […]

Google Summer of Code with OpenMRS

What if my partition is not showing up or gone missing? In that case TestDisk could help. It is a disk utility designed to help people recover their lost partitions. To install it, here in my case on Ubuntu, I’ll do $ sudo apt-get install testdisk $ testdisk Once you […]

Recovering corrupted NTFS partitions

Manage Android Projects from Terminal 1
Why bother with command line when we could just use a high-end IDE like Android Studio? Having understanding of Android’s basic command line tools is always a good starting point for beginners to further understand its build process. Assuming that your ‘sdk/tools’ and ‘sdk/platform-tools’ directories are included in your PATH […]

Creating Android Project from the Command Line

This guide is not tied to any specific IDE. But I’ll be focusing on Tomcat 8 with Intellij IDEA. Open up a command window/terminal and cd in to $CATALINA_HOME/bin directory. $CATALINA_HOME is simply the place where you installed or extracted Tomcat. If you have installed Tomcat as a service (ie. […]

Debugging your Tomcat Webapp with Intellij Idea