SDK and Chroots
You can use click command to easily list, manage and destroy click packages and chroot builds. The chroots can take up disk space of over 2GB. So knowing how to properly remove them when not being used is a must. To list all installed Click packages sudo click list list […]

Remove Ubuntu SDK and Click Packages

mount NTFS partitions /etc/fstab
In a multi boot Windows-Linux scenario, there are cases that you may want your NTFS/vFat partitions to be automatically mounted during boot. Specially when you have a shared NTFS data partition. There are several ways to accomplish this .. .. the most definite solution is to edit `/etc/fstab`. The fstab […]

Mounting Windows Partitions in Ubuntu at Startup

There are two choices, Completely avoid IDEs and do Android development purely in Vim. Use a good IDE along with a Vim Emulator plugin. Using Vim exclusively sounds great. If you’re an expert in Android, its build systems, Java and the command-line, you possibly could, but it is not quite […]

Android Development in Vim Possible?

Install Android Studio with Oracle JDK on Ubuntu 14.01/14.04 5
Android Studio is the latest and full-fledged android development IDE based on IntelliJ IDEA. It will eventually replace Eclipse as the official Android development environment. Why Android Studio, and not Eclipse? And finally for the fact that it is based on Jetbrains’ excellent IDE, IntelliJ IDEA! Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) […]

Install and Configure Android Studio with Oracle JDK

Btrfs Partition Scheme 2
Btrfs, Butter FS / Better FS is somewhat a hot topic these days for anyone going to reinstall their Linux box, despite the fact that it’s not officially released. However there isn’t much information out there about installing Ubuntu on a Btrfs. Installation is quite simple and straightforward. You don’t have […]

Install Ubuntu on a BTRFS File System

i3 is a very keyboard centric tilling window manager which uses vim-like keybindings to navigate around windows and workspaces. Learning to use such WM is quite fun and could greatly improve your productivity. Installation ‘i3’ package group includes a window manager, screenlocker, and a status bar. $ pacman -S i3 […]

How to Install and Configure i3 WM on Arch Linux

Make Vim look pretty
Ubuntu’s default gnome-terminal has support for a palette of 256 colors,  but by default it can’t handle all the precision colors used in Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized color scheme for Vim. One way of getting things to work is to tell Solarized to use the degraded, basic 256 color version of […]

Fix Solarized Color Scheme in Vim Ubuntu

Openshift Wordpress Tips 2
NOTE: This guide is written by reversiblean for reversiblean. So some content of this article might not make much sense to you. Valid and Important points are coloured in gold. To sync the runtime instance of this wordpress with the local repo … 1. SSH into app 2. Overwrite local […]

OpenShift WordPress Tips

Install Powerline Ubuntu Linux 4
This article will guide you through installing Powerline statusline plugin and configuring Powerline fonts for vim, zsh, bash, tmux, IPython etc, on Ubuntu, or any other Linux (Debian) distro for that matter. Another alternative is to use Vim Airline which is much simpler, and can be installed with less hassle. […]

How to Install Powerline on Ubuntu/Linux

For simulating top down physics also know as top down car physics, we must model our world in a zero gravity environment. First and foremost let’s see how we create a zero gravity world in in each library. var gravity : nape.geom.Vec2 = Vec2.weak(0, 0); space = new Space(gravity); // if (gravity.x) […]

Simulating Top Down Physics with Nape or Box2D