GSoC Progress Update

We are getting closer to the end of the second work period. I think it’s time to give an update on my overall progress of the project.

These are the list of issues that is being assigned to me, and I’m responsible for getting them done.


  • Improve documentation
    • RESTWS-560Create API Overview Docs Needs Assessment
  • Optimization
    • RESTWS-568Optimize Swagger Spec Creation Needs Assessment
  • Support for data types
    • RESTWS-562Improve Resource Definition Documentation In Progress
  • Add search functionality
  • Bug fixes
    • RESTWS-600Swagger documentation not correct for Encounter Search Closed
    • RESTWS-382Access-Control-Allow-Origin in response headers Ready for Work

The ones that are strikethrough are already completed. RESTWS-562 which is marked in progress is almost done. The PR that I submitted for this issue is currently under review by my mentor. It took longer than I expected, no surprise that it have about 117 file changes 😮

It is more likely that I will not have to work on RESTWS-382 . It is proposed that this feature won’t be required as there are simple workarounds that solves the problem addressed by the issue.

So two more to go. Hope to start working on those ASAP.


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