GSoC 2017 – Improved REST API Documentation Project

The goal of my project is to improve the living documentation of the OpenMRS REST API through improvements to how its Swagger Specification is generated. All my code goes in module.

Commits Made to the Module


My GSoC Issues for the Summer

RESTWS-560Create API Overview Docs Code Review (Initial)

RESTWS-568Optimize Swagger Spec Creation Needs Assessment

RESTWS-562Improve Resource Definition Documentation Code Review (Post-Commit)

RESTWS-561Document Basic Search Closed

RESTWS-600Swagger documentation not correct for Encounter Search Closed

RESTWS-614 – Formatter plugin in root pom configured with wrong javaCompilerVersion Closed

RESTWS-653 – Bad use of operations on String Closed

Final Work Product

To see the changes

  • Visit and log in (Use the default credentials username: admin; password: Admin123)
  • Then navigate to System Administration > Advanced Administration > REST Web Services > API Documentation.

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