Google Summer of Code with OpenMRS

I was one of the privileged GSoC students to be part of OpenMRS. Instead of going through my own stuff, I’ll try to make this article a little helpful for anyone who wish to participate in coming years.

So for people who are keen to contribute to Open Source but not sure how, OpenMRS probably is one of the easiest places to begins with. The documentation is comprehensive, yet it is highly readable, and not so technical.

So for a starter who want to get started with OpenMRS development, it will be best to go through the Getting Started Guides and get a local setup running so you know what it is really about. Surprisingly I was able to get things up and running without much hassle.

The things I believe that helped me get in to GSoC

  • By being clear, concise, straight to the point with the questions.
  • There may be no such thing as dumb questions, however doing prior research always help.
  • Fix one or two trivial bugs.

Even an introductory issue may not make much sense at first glance. However the more you go through it the better you’ll understand the problem. Once I was able to reproduce an error I generally knew what to do next.

As OpenMRS is mainly built upon Java based technologies building and testing is no-brainer for those who already familiar with Java.

So to conclude, for me its a real pleasure to be able to work with these amazing people, also knowing that every contribution I make can have an impact on someone’s life smaller to larger scale.

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