Troubleshooting guides for common Linux problems.

Screencast editing software - Lightworks
Being accepted for GSOC 2017, we were asked by OpenMRS; my mentoring organization to submit a small screencast demonstrating our final work carried out during the summer. Not knowing the right tools nor having any prior experience, trying to make a video with my voice over the background was quite […]

Doing a Screencast on Debian

What if my partition is not showing up or gone missing? In that case TestDisk could help. It is a disk utility designed to help people recover their lost partitions. To install it, here in my case on Ubuntu, I’ll do $ sudo apt-get install testdisk $ testdisk Once you […]

Recovering corrupted NTFS partitions

Manage Android Projects from Terminal 1
Why bother with command line when we could just use a high-end IDE like Android Studio? Having understanding of Android’s basic command line tools is always a good starting point for beginners to further understand its build process. Assuming that your ‘sdk/tools’ and ‘sdk/platform-tools’ directories are included in your PATH […]

Creating Android Project from the Command Line

No native matching package installed/found
Fixing no native package found errors JHBuild uses apt-file to locate packages which a given file belongs to. When apt-file cannot locate the relevant packages for you, JHBuild would give you with informational warnings: I: Installing dependencies on system: libsystemd-journal libtiff I: Using apt-file to search for providers; this may […]

Fixing JHBuild Issues

RHEL kernels come with SysRq compiled in by default, but most distributions including Fedora disable this ‘Magic System Request’ functionality, at the boot time. To see if it is already enabled: $ cat /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq 0 0 means that the SysRq is disabled. Here in my case on Stock Fedora 23 […]

Magic Sysrq Fedora – REIUSB

There are two choices, Completely avoid IDEs and do Android development purely in Vim. Use a good IDE along with a Vim Emulator plugin. Using Vim exclusively sounds great. If you’re an expert in Android, its build systems, Java and the command-line, you possibly could, but it is not quite […]

Android Development in Vim Possible?